When i do the governor of California, i wear the same suit as Arnold does on big events. You have the Governorat your own wedding or party.


When i play Julius Benedict, i transform into the big twin-brother, with a great suitcase filled with dollars. In the audiance, i will search for my twin brother…


I’ll wear a leather outfit, including the original T2-glasses and i’m walking tall with my shotgun. As aspected, i use the wellknown terms like ”i’ll be back” and ”Hasta la vista, baby”.


When i play John Kruger, i wear a black armysuit. With a spacially designed laser-gun i’ll walk around. Your event will be unforgetteble!


When i perform Dr. Alexander Hesse, i wear the suit, that Arnold’s wearing in the movie ‘Junior’. I’m carrying some docters equipment, to discover if there are pregnant people in the audience. Instead of checking out women, i will check out the guys!


Niek will become John Matrix. Wherever, however, whoever. He will amaze you when he arrives!