Niek: Look a like Arnold Schwarzenegger

“Meeting Arnold, that’s my dream”, Niek Lauwers told in many interviews he gave. A dream which already happened four times.

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From the beginning….

A few months before Niek went to the United states, he decided te change his hair. Without the curly look, he came into the United states, and he decided also to shave his moustache. From that moment, people reconized him, and everybody was talking to him. People were mistaking him withsomebody else; One of the greattest: Arnold Swarzenegger!

Betty decided to give him up for a Dutch Lookalike Contest.

First contest

Imitating Julius from the movie ”Twins”, he got the 4th stage without any way of practicing.

Niek enjoyed the feeling of beeing a lookalike, from that moment on. Within a few years, Niek bacame a proffessional lookalike of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Today he is working as a national and international lookalike, all over the globe!

Tv-commercials, photoshoot’s, intervieuws, newspapers and magazines -national and international- are common for him as we speak.


Niek Lauwers is geboren in Den Haag op 17 september 1966. Tegenwoordig kent iedereen hem als lookalike van Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Als lookalike van Arnold Schwarzenegger zet Niek verschillende karakters van hem neer. Van goeverneur tot de Terminator…

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The meeting

Een droom om de echte Arnold Schwarzenegger te ontmoeten is inmiddels 4 keer uitgekomen. De eerste keer was in Planet Hollywood.

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